Basically they’re cute little marsupials that look like mice and jump like squirrels.  Got that?  They really are super cute little buggers that love people.  And I kind of always wanted to see one – and then Lacy emailed me saying she had a couple, as well as a gorgeous ragdoll kitty … and it all worked out really well.  I mean, until one jumped on my camera and I screamed like a little girl – but yeah.  Until then, it worked out great.  🙂

One of the boys (right before he accosted my face.)

Same guy, traveling around my backgrounds.

Zoey, the girl, peeking out to say hello!

Another guy, checking out the situation.

The three together!

… and a little sack full o’ gliders!

And here are a few of Mocha (most likely his name – he’s a new kitty still) – a simply beautiful Ragdoll cat.  He wasn’t so thrilled about the camera though.

my favorite of Mocha

love this – he’s so soft!

…with beautiful blue eyes (and #photogs – no PS work on eyes!)

Pretty kitty 🙂