Yes that’s right.  Thai Ridgeback.  Not Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I promise it’s a real breed.  A really RARE breed at that, so I was lucky when Tequila was referred by a past client who met this beautiful dog at her local dog park.  Yada is an all-blue Thai Ridgeback with some of the most striking features I’ve ever seen in a dog.  She’s a real beauty and so even-tempered!  She did, however, end up with a snout-full of sheltie teeth.  Hailey might not have liked her attempts at play so much…  Yada’s still a pup though, and Hailey’s an antisocial fur-monster.

Just chillin’ out on the furniture

Hehehe – Zen doggie!

Look at those eyes!

Love this – doesn’t she look like one of those Egyptian Anubis Dogs?


Check out her gorgeous ridge along her back!

Ok, and I’m done!