D’oh… Wait.  I mean “Bearded Dragon.”

Meet Izod.  She’s a very sweet (if you can call a reptile “sweet”) bearded dragon, belonging to Jan and her two daughters, Grace & Emma.  Izod was actually very friendly, enjoyed being held, and seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera.  Likewise, she was fairly amenable to being posed, put in bowls, and being exposed to flashing lights.  Remember: lights heat up a room… and she’s cold-blooded.  So it was rather nice that she sat so still for me!

Izod, just chillin’

My new pedestal bowl (and by “my”, I mean Liz’s.)

One of my favorites – look at how cool her skin looks!

Izod with her two big sisters.  🙂

…And she’s off!  (Fortunately, beardies only run about 10 paces and then give up…)

My other favorite!  Too cute!