You might remember this fabulous family of three from a few months ago.  Happy to announce, that Baby M. has finally arrived!  And, of course, he’s incredibly cute.  Like really, really cute.

Also, dog-brother Nelson is just too sweet about having a new baby.  He just loves his new brother so much.  Adorable!  🙂

I figured I’d post some lovely black and white’s of the family for this blog post.

Just look at those little lips.  Doesn’t he have gorgeous eyes too?

Probably my favorite “photographer” shot… teeny tiny toes

Mom and Dad call this one “the face” – it certainly is!

I absolutely adore this one.  Love how his little tiny nose is being tickled.  🙂

If ever there was an expression of “did I do that!?”…

Ok, so I had to throw in ONE color one… c’mon – look at that face!  See, I told you he was really really cute!

And of course, here’s a (near-complete) video of the session too!