Better late than never, right Katie?  I almost ALMOST forgot to post this blog entry, so thankfully I was reminded… because Baby T. is going to be entered in the Cutest Baby competition for GAP!  Obviously, there is NO contest once they see her… 🙂  C’mon, look at that expression!
Generally, one-year-olds are a challenge to photograph.  They don’t sit still, and when you add cake into the mix, a One-Year portrait can be down right exhausting.  Not T.!  The hardest part about this session? Trying to avoid eating the cake before T. got to it… It was delicious!  And T. was a great sport the entire time.  Such a great baby.  Happy Birthday, T!

Incredibly adorable T. with her teddy bear

No!!! My bear!

So dainty.  Most babies go head-first – T. takes a scientific sampling instead.

Ok, that’s better.  🙂

O Dio!  Can you even believe how cute this is!?

To be honest, getting this much cake on her was Mom’s doing.  She’s a very tidy baby.

All clean!  Look at those baby blues.  (pun intended.)