How many times a day do you take photos?  How do you store them?  How do you organize them?

More importantly:  How do you print them?

Incredibly, a mind-boggling 52 Million Photos a Day are posted to Instagram. Another 350 Million Photos a Day are posted to Facebook! 

Most cell phones have literally thousands of family photos stored on them.  Considering the lifespan of a phone is only 2/3 years, the true amount of photos living only digitally is absolutely staggering.  Most don’t bother with confusing backup software either, so when they lose an account password or a phone gets stolen, irreplaceable memories are lost forever.

When was the last time you printed a photo?

According to the Professional Photographers of America, we’re breeding a “Lost Generation” – a generation comfortable with the technology to produce photography, but are likely to never see a printed image of themselves. 

Consider the ramifications of this…  No photos of Grandma when she were little.  No wedding albums to pass to your children.  No idea of what you looked like when you were young.  

It is profoundly sad.

‘We just don’t show the same respect to a virtual image as to something tangible. By the time we realise its value, it’s often too late.’

I invite you to read this article by Telegraph and please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

What Can We Do Today?

Please look into the following apps for your phone so you can begin printing and preserving some of your memories.  All can be easily found in the App Store and Google Play – however the links from Chile may be different than the links found in the US versions of the stores.  Enjoy!


Great for quick prints & photo gift items.  Easy interface and coupons are always available!


Owned by Miller’s Pro, they provide professional-grade archival prints for your most important memories.


Found them on SharkTank of all places.  They produce a book of ~100 prints a month right from your camera phone.  About $3 USD a book.

Google Photos

My go-to for easy photo backup.  They have a easy-to-use Virtual Assistant which makes organization easy.  Also produces surprise edited videos from clips you’ve taken!