So, as usual it’s been awhile since posting.  

Yes, don’t act so shocked.  🙂

I figured I’d share a few photos of a recent trip to Buenos Aires.  We spent a few days there, enjoying the culture and photographing the street art (ok, that last part was just me, mostly.)  Enjoyed some great food, and – thanks to the conversion rate – Argentina is surprisingly affordable right now!  Highly recommend!

The image above is from the famous San Telmo Market, by the way.

Around Patronato.

Frida Kahlo mural around Patronato.

Awesome mural from somewhere in Patronato.

San Telmo Market counters full of cool textures – and meat.

Cementario de Recoleta

Cementario de Recoleta

Street art in Patronato

Street art in Patronato.
For my non-Spanish speaking readers: “What you’re searching for…” (good double meaning, eh?)

Somewhere around Patronato

Little dog awaits his owner shopping in a grocery store near San Telmo.

Hope you enjoyed your little mini-tour of Argentina!

Much love,