Well, this is exciting!

I always love a good mail day!  Today I got my first IPC 50 Bar in the mail to add to my photography Bling.  A 50 Bar is given for anyone who has earned 50(+) merits in International Print Competition.  As you can imagine, it can take awhile.  The absolute max you can earn in a year (per competition / PO vs Artist) are 8.  Generally 2/3 earned per year is an average. 

Lots of people get bars from service and continuing education, but being overseas I don’t get to attend a lot of seminars and conferences, and I get to speak/judge even less.  That said, I never thought I’d hit 50 print merits before 50 CE Merits!

Guess it’s time to start working on the next 50!

“What else are we looking at?”

Well, I’m glad you asked! The danglies shown are my Master of Photography (M.Photog.) and Master Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) degrees – which is why the ribbon is both blue and gold.  Someday that might change to Blue, Gold, and Red…  Anyway, the triangles are the Photographer of the Year Medallions, and my Certification Pin and Certification Liaison Pin.

Not pictured are a bunch more Medallion Pins, my American Society of Photographers Pin, and my Member 10 Year pin from PPA.