It’s been busy around these parts!  Finally getting around to sharing some recent(ish) shoots here.  

This is Erin – one of our spokesmodels for Nido High School senior portraits.  We did a double-session with her, both in studio (with Hair & Makeup by the always magnificient Catherine Cortinez) and then on-location on Cerro San Cristobal.  Even her mom got in on the action!  🙂 

My best friend is a fabulous copywriter, as well as a photographer.  I had a block when trying to write a bio about Erin, so I enlisted Liz’s help.  Just had to share it here too, because it’s absolutely beautifully written…

Meet Erin.

If you ask Erin what she does for fun, she will say, “Go out with friends, read, bake, and make art.”

That is such a tiny summary of a pretty full life.  She does do all those things – but she does so much more.

She sees the beauty in the world.  She sees the color in words, the poetry in painting.  She’s studied art in school, and one day may study it in college.  Or she may pursue it as a passion while her career follows a different path.  She doesn’t know yet.  She’s still a senior in high school – she doesn’t know all the answers.  Yet.

She sees the beauty in people – in community.   She spends her free time helping others in need.  She works with orphaned children through Hogar Santa Maria, and orphaned pets with the Save the Strays Club.  She helps grant wishes for the sick, which feels like magic.  Meanwhile,  behind the curtain she works with the student council.  Because magic takes work.

Her future is ahead of her.  After she graduates, she will be attending college on the mid-Atlantic coast, probably Virginia or the Carolinas.   She will grow up.  She will move away.  She will do amazing things with her life.  Because the beauty she sees in the world, the beauty she sees in other people — that beauty is inside of her.   She shines.

It’s a quality that those who love her know very well.

And when she has spread her wings and flown around the world, her parents will look at her senior portraits and be reminded of how special she is, and how proud they are of her.

It’s a lot to ask of a portrait.  But she shines.  And her shine warms the world.