Last week, Heather came in with her six (yes, SIX) dogs. She’s fostering these two adorable dachshunds, and I agreed to photograph them for the charity. Her husband is on deployment in Iraq, so we did a mini-OpLove session for him of her and her husband’s favorite little girl.

Personal Rant: We’re assuming these 2 dachshunds came from a military family. I can tell you from personal experience, there is NO REASON you cannot keep a dog if you’re in the military. If you don’t want to keep a dog for his or her entire life, then please don’t take one in the first place. It’s far more difficult to place an older dog with new owners than it is to place a puppy. If anyone knows of a potential owner for these two sweet and fairly young dogs (must go together), please call me immediately!

Heather, and her husband’s dog, Brandy – a chug.  (Chihuahua + Pug)

Heather’s new game – shake-the-pup.  🙂


The two dogs needing a new home.  Look at that sweet face!

Hotdog dog in a hotdog costume.  (Tacky, I know… but SO cute!)