What surprised me most was how relaxed I felt in front of Stephanie’s camera. I have never been part of a professional shoot before, and I’m not super comfortable having my picture taken in general. But the session was just…fun! I felt totally at ease. Stephanie is a true professional, and I realized that doesn’t just mean mastering her camera. She creates a space where you feel like you can be yourself, and then draws out a genuine but truly beautiful pose.
Graphic Designer

What is included in my portrait shoot?

Expect to be pampered at your photo shoot!

All sessions include wardrobe styling with the photographer.  If you’re being photographed in our studio, we have beautiful jewelry and pieces to compliment your outfits.  A hair and makeup artist is present at every session to make sure you look your best.  This service is included in your studio portrait investment.  Make sure you schedule a night out afterwards, because you will look gorgeous!

You will then enjoy a Vanity Fair style photo shoot with award-winning photographer, Stephanie Millner, M.Photog.Cr., CPP.  After your shoot, digital artistry and retouching will give your images the final polish.

After about a week, you’ll come back to the studio for an In-Person Image Reveal, where you can select which images you want to purchase.  The images you love most can be made into beautiful canvases, stunning wall collages, or luxurious image boxes.  As always, flexible payment options are available.  We have a 100% (money-back) guarantee that you will love your images!