Last week we had the privilege of photographing a fantastic wedding for Becky & Steve. Actually, the whole weekend was rather eventful: Their rehearsal dinner on Friday, Wedding on Saturday, and Bridal Show on Sunday! This is, of course, why a little over a week has gone by before posting these… sleep deprivation!

Actually, as you can probably see, I changed the WHOLE website and blog to a more search-engine friendly version that I can update more frequently. And what better way to start off a first official blog post with a great couple and a great wedding???

Here are a few from the morning of the wedding, inside (and safely away from the tropical storm)

Putting on the dress…

Becky’s father, seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time:

When all else fails, hide “something blue” in your bouquet:

The Ceremony:

A few stolen moments, alone with the couple:

Steve’s Dad, partying like a rock star…

If the groom’s going to be late to his own ceremony… he’d better have a good excuse. Fortunately for Steve, THIS is a very good excuse. (Did I mention tropical storm yet?)

Yes, that’s right. You’re looking at the lower part of a basement door… and water pouring in buckets.