Why can I never make a blog post before midnight? *sigh*

Just finished up at Jen & Mike’s rehearsal dinner for tomorrow’s wedding at Hunter House in Vienna. Great people, great dinner, and a great time all around! Here are a few from this evening:

As they’re going to Cabo for their honeymoon, mini maracas were the perfect party favor.

Jen & her nephews, in my not-so-commonly-seen Antique Light style

Tiramisu. I didn’t try any but by the looks of it, I really should have. Stupid “eating healthy”

The couple is into detail shots, too. Which is good, since so am I.

The flower-girl looking through the french doors

One I’m leaving in for my photographer friends. Just so I can hear “but, he’s just SO RED!” (haha Liz, I know you’re reading this.)

I’ll keep you all updated with tomorrow’s wedding images!