Finally getting around to posting Sunday’s engagement session!  (That said, I have yet to post Saturday’s family portraits, but I’ll get there!)  This is Dana & Jeff, who are getting married in Indiana next year.  Jeff’s stationed here in the Coast Guard Honor Guard, so we decided to do an engagement session when Dana came in last weekend for a visit.

And I’ve proven, yet again, that I should not be driving clients anywhere…  45 minutes from Huntington to the Jefferson, and then another 45 minutes from Jefferson to Georgetown!?  Yeah, GPS or not… DC driving is not my friend.  Good thing for open shade in Georgetown though – made for some really cool shots.

Started off in the studio…

Then went to the Jefferson…

Then to Georgetown where I found a secret park I wish I knew about for bridals.

My favorite shot from Georgetown.  Mostly because of the before/after which I’ll post some day.

My favorite wall.

Last shot of the day (ha, they thought I wasn’t looking!)