Today was a very educational day for me. I learned a few things. First, I learned that you don’t schedule an 8:00am shoot for the day after a wedding. Then I learned that snakes can hear without ears, and that dogs often don’t care about them since they don’t give off a scent. And finally, I learned that snakes are, in fact, easier clients than dogs.

Today I had a mother and daughter come in with their reptilian friends. Steph, one of the greatest models in the world came in on short notice and was so fantastic. I had to laugh though. It was her first time handling a snake (and she agreed to do this anyway!), so the first reaction was “uh… ew…” Two minutes later: “How about if I put him around my neck? Ok, now how about around me this way?” Like I said, she’s awesome. 🙂 Oh, and for the record, yes, I also held them. I love snakes.

Since it’s late, here’s just one from today. This is Steph wearing Sierra.