I figured it was high time that I posted some of Jena and James… being that they got married in mid-October. Such a cool couple who told me “we’re just hoping there will be one or two good ones. we know we’re not photogenic” *sheesh!*

The couple got married at the Sheraton Arlington, overlooking views of Downtown DC and Metro Arlington.

The veil and tiara

Getting makeup done

Rings (on a glass tabletop to get the reflection)

Portrait in blue and gold

Candid shot in the elevator, actually.

Washington DC (Color)

Washington DC (b/w) – My personal favorite

Cupcake Cutting.

Jena hanging out in the hotel lobby.

Another Ring Shot on the most awesome cupcake I’ve had in my life. I eat my props.  Or in this case, it was my prop so I could eat it.

The couple’s last dance of the night.