I love a classy 1920’s glamour session!  Especially when the victim (er… subject) comes in with hair already in pin curls and ruby lipstick!  These are just a few for Jasmine’s boyfriend who is stationed overseas working for the military.  I *think* he’s going to like his present.  😉

My favorite – ’cause it’s a new pose!

So glamorous!

She looks like a Calvin Kline model (if they had color ads anyway)

fabulous smile!

my favorite!  (booty!)

3 Responses

  1. Steff is a true professional. She enhances what you already have and I never knew I could be so beautiful. I will recommend her to everyone. I know my sweetie will melt when he sees these. Thank You Step.

  2. Stef, this is a great job. I love you so much because you are a consumate professional and it is always a pleasure to work with you!