The great thing about herding dogs is that they are quick to learn.  And the bad thing about herding dogs… is that they are quick to learn.  For example,  when we were housebreaking Hailey, she learned that “squatting” got her play time… not necessarily “doing anything” while squatting.  So she’d run outside, squat, come back in for a treat… and then go on the carpet.  Thanks a lot, dog.

Meet Brice.  He’s a Corgi.  He’s also far too smart for his own good. Brice quickly learned that by jumping up on the posing chair, he’d earn a hotdog.  Of course, he also figured out that he’d have to continuously jump OFF the chair to get back on it.  Problematic when I’m trying to get him to stay still…  But he ended up being a very good little model!

Soooo happy!

I love that this one just screams “Corgi” – always hungry, always eager, and always looking up!

The elusive hot-dog training chair.

My personal favorite – I’m into this long rectangle crop lately though.

One with mom, Lizzy.

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