In honor of Father’s Day, and since I forget to post stuff when I actually TAKE the photograph (in this case… May of 2008) I figured I’d post one here of MY parents.  Better late than never, hunh?

And then of course there’s THIS little guy, Baby C. – born to a friend of Dave’s.  These ones I would have posted earlier except that dad didn’t want mom to see em yet – they were a surprise for her.  Cute hunh?  These are just a few from Baby C. at 8 weeks old.

how cute is that face!?

…he does have quite the set of lungs though!

very sweet moment – with C’s beautiful eyes

My personal favorite!

Another cute expression…

happy baby in his swaddle!

…and my other favorite.  Such a sweet moment!

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  1. I feel like you captured your mom really well in that photograph. Next time you speak to your parents, please tell them that Amy (Doris’s daughter) says hi.