Big thanks to Andrea for sharing her 8 adorable rats with me today.  After she left, I called Dave at work to ask him if we could get one for ourselves.  They’re so cute!  Apparently, the hairless rats live about 2 years, and the furry ones live about 4-5.  They’re extremely clean animals, as they spend 1/3 of their lives cleaning themselves.  Some are even litter trained and can do tricks!  Heck, the dog is usually pretty filthy and only does tricks when it’s convenient for her schedule.  Maybe I really should get a rat!

Harry, doing a little dance

Cora, the matriarch of the group

McKenzie (now who wants to come over for dinner!?)

Splinter, investigating the camera

Sam, peeking out to say hi!

Luc, in his sumo-wrestler stance.

Jessie, in her role as acting toupée

Jade, just chillin’ out.

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