Yesterday, TJ and her daughter Molly came in with their prize-winning Chinese Cresteds:  Pecker, Daisy, and their puppy, Mr. Skins.  TJ breeds Cresteds, which are the cutest little dogs!  Sort of like chihuahuas with longer snouts and toupees.

Strange story though – Mr. Skins is still up for adoption, as his litter-mates have already found new homes.  I’ve never photographed a Chinese Crested before, so it was especially rare for yesterday’s evening session to ALSO be another Chinese Crested.  THAT owner was looking for another puppy… so we might have made a match!  🙂

Pecker – the “dad” – a naked Chinese Crested

Daisy – the “mom” – a Powder-Puff Crested

The whole family – dad, baby, and mom!

Another cute family portrait – love how dad and mom look utterly exhausted!

Mr. Skins being super adorable with those satellite-dish ears!

“Hey, puppies don’t belong in bowls!”

Daisy took to the pedestal bowl a little better than the puppy.

Daisy and Pecker showing off just some of their many ribbons

Pecker in his pajamas.  Gotta love the little butt sticking out of the bottom!

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