Dear Readers,

We are currently looking for dog models for a new book to help benefit a local shelter facility in Northern Virginia.  Mixed-breed dogs whom have been adopted from shelters are needed!

Think you might be interested in your pup being published?  Please read the following rules/regulations for casting eligibility.

  1. All dogs must be mixed-breeds (preferably with some indication of what their mix is… i.e. chow / retriever.)
  2. All dogs must have been adopted through a shelter or other animal placement tool, such as PetFinder.  Dog’s Name, Owner’s Name(s), and Adoption Facility are required.
  3. All dogs MUST be up to date with shots.  Absolutely no puppies under 8 weeks old for health reasons.
  4. This book will be self-published.  While casting sessions are complimentary, we are only considering owners with an interest in pet portraits.  A minimum purchase of 2 gift prints (at $125 each) will be required, as we’ve received 12 casting requests in the past week and simply cannot accommodate everyone.  (And that’s before this post!)  Other prints will be available for purchase.
  5. Studio policy requires all clients to view their images during a separate in-studio preview session.  Images will not be available online.  Please only schedule if you can attend both the studio session and the preview session!
  6. All pet parents will be required to sign a model/property release for publication.
  7. Owners may be in photographs with their pets if they so choose.  Please email or call the studio for advice on what to wear.  Solid color clothing works best – no patterned clothing please!  A downloadable PDF will be available soon.
  8. There is no guarantee your pet will be selected for publication.  It’s nothing personal!
  9. Projects of this caliber take time!  We will notify you when books are available.  Please remember that book proceeds go to the shelter!
  10. All participants will be required to sign a document of understanding agreeing to the above stated policies, etc.
  11. This is a fun, helpful, charitable project!  (I.E. – Please don’t beat the photographer… I’m just trying to be nice!)

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