These two gorgeous girls are Chloe – the Shepherd, and Domino – the German Cooley.  Really good dogs, but as different as night and day.  Chloe is definitely the Alpha dog but as sweet as can be.  Domino is by far the submissive one.  She seemed to be a little terrified of Dave too, but well… understandable.  Chloe on the other hand had it out with Hailey, but really – we all know women don’t like the pretty aloof girl in class – so it’s all good.  (Hailey wiggles her butt too… I used to hate that in high school.)  And honestly, Hailey needs to be put into check once in awhile – she took one for pretty girls everywhere.  Anyway, Chloe & Domino are just as sweet as can be – it’s obvious that they’re best friends!

Miss Domino.  For my art history buffs out there – like her inverted pyramidal composition?  🙂

Domino & Chloe – Best friends!

To quote a photographer friend of mine:  “You seriously pose pets like high school seniors” – ha, pets are people too!

Love this one of Chloe – she has the prettiest markings!

Domino, being shy behind mom.

Miss Chloe sitting pretty

The two girls together for some drama style

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