Part 2 of our evening commenced at… 11:30pm?  That’s not too late, right?  Right.

Ingrid, Courtney, the models and I ventured over to Old-Town for some fun night shooting around the pier.  And wow… it was quiet out!  We might have seen 3 cars all night, and only the night watchman to keep us company.  I’ve never seen Old Town so empty!  Even with Chadwick’s pub right down the street, it was completely bare!

Ingrid and I decided to play with some off-camera flash techniques for some extra pop.  This is also how I learned that my flash won’t attach to her strobe system, and why professional photographers should (and DO!) carry a reliable second set of gear!  Anyway, here’s what we came up with.

My favorite of Susie – she pulls off the drama look so well!

Crystal in front of the downtown Bike Shop

Susie in the Parking Garage

My absolute favorite shot of Crystal!

Kristi on the pier.

Natural light of Susie below the street lamp

My favorite of Kristi – love the lens flare!

Another of Crystal on the pier.

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