Well I’ve done it again.  I have once again neglected my loyal blog followers.  In fact, I see some of you have found the “unfollow” button in the facebook app! (coughmeaniescough).  But perhaps that should tell me something… something like… “why have a blog if you never post anything?!”  Ok, ok I get your point.

So due to popular request, I’ll try and post more about ROME in general, rather than just clients.  Not that I don’t love my clients – I do! – but there’s that whole language barrier thing and I’ve cut back on work a lot to finish my MBA over here… so anyway, I’ll fill in the gaps with some randomness on the city and our vacations and new poisonous foods that the dog’s gotten into.  Oh, and if you stalk me on Facebook you’ve probably seen the photos already.  But they’re retouched and all pretty-like here.  So just act surprised, okay?

This week’s theme: Architecture.

Villa d’Este, Tivoli

Another Villa d’Este interior

Door outside of Chiesa San Saba (next to my house!)

Door with a superfluous amount of potted plants – Nemi, Italy

View from a cliff at Nemi

Inside Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma

Bernini’s Piazza San Pietro – Vatican City

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