Last month we donated a large print collection – valued at over $1000 – to the American Embassy’s charity auction.  (Very proud to say it went for a pretty high sum to a VERY nice family – looking forward to doing the session next month when school is out!)  We also photographed the auction itself as well as a quick “photo booth” type setup of everyone dressed up all pretty-like.  Here are just a few from the evening’s festivities.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, we won a new vacuum cleaner, the FBI prize-package (which was essentially a Tee-shirt that said “FBI” and some bottles of wine), and painting lessons – which should be very fun!

The auctioneer

Nice couple from the Embassy

Some friends hanging out!

Love this one – married 30 years, I believe he’d said!

The auctioneer wearing the prize he was auctioning off…

I don’t know their names but I am pretty sure she works at the commissary…

Amazing fruit custard parfait things.  I need to find these again.  Yes, that’s right… NEED.

Some friends hanging out on the back patio

A $800 bottle of wine.  I think it’s a white wine with a colored bottle, but I don’t really know.  Anyway, it’s one of the prizes donated to the auction.

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