Just getting around to posting this from about… er… 3 weeks ago? Hey, considering my track record, that’s not that bad! Seeing as I have 3 shoots I keep *meaning* to post from six months ago… Anyway, these are two photographers from Rome – well, one’s in Rome, and the other is from Rome, but works in California (apparently we traded spots.)  We spent the day photographing in Matteo’s absolutely gorgeous studio – I’m so jealous.  Was teaching a little pet photography, so here are some updated Hailey-beast photos, too.

Hailey hammin’ it up.

Sitting Pretty…

My favorite of Hailey – she’s just such a diva with a camera.  (It’s frightening really.)

Riccardo, just chillin out…

Riccardo and Matteo doing the “Roman Thing”…  Hand gestures.

My favorite.  Too funny.  Yes this is what photographers do when trapped in a studio for too long.

The Blue-Steel look…  (If you’ve never seen Zoolander, you must!)

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