The last maternity / pet session I photographed was WAAAY less cute than this adorable family of three.  Three being mom, dad, and dog… for now at least.  Unlike the last “pet maternity session” there were no hairless rats to be found last night!  (That doesn’t mean there aren’t any… it’s Rome after all…  it just means I didn’t find them!)

Can we tell I haven’t had a caffè today?  Just kinda rambling.  But I guess rambling is better than not posting for… oh, my… it’s been awhile again hasn’t it.  Well hopefully the cuteness of Nelson and just how adorable of a couple Claire and Charlie are will make up for that!  Here’s a couple from yesterday’s session.

Oh, and I know I was all excited about that new gray border I custom designed… Well, Lightroom decided it didn’t like it anymore and crashes whenever I try to load it up.  So… back to the Photoshop stamp for now.

I love happy couples that need no direction to look cute for the camera!

Claire’s cute little baby bump!

Love this.  Stunning!

And a few of Mr. Nelson.  He’s a very happy puppy dog.

My favorite.  Considering a reshoot of this image for next year.

You know that rule I have about “ears up / tongue in” dog portraiture?  Um… yeah.  🙂

After we finished up, I released the Shetland Sheepmonster and gave both her and Nelson the remaining hotdog pieces.  Well Nelson dropped his and Hailey wasn’t quite fast enough to snatch it up before Nelson swallowed it.  I kid you not… my little 20 lb. sheltie sprung into action and attempted to TACKLE Nelson who’s at least twice her size, if not more.  Of course she couldn’t really do much.  He growled back at her, but he could have eaten her in one gulp if he wanted.  Hailey ran behind my legs like “protect me!”… yeah right, dumb dog.  You started it!  I should really teach her to share better…  Come to think of it, she’s quite the instigator!

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