This is Andy, one of the absolute cutest kitties I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!  Completely easy to control, totally happy to be photographed.  Why you ask?  I think the answer might be the full can of Bumblebee tuna he scarfed down during the session!  Funniest part, though… he was SO excited to eat tuna he literally WAGGED his tongue!

Now, normally when I edit down cat images, I pull out all the images where the cat looks mad or he’s running away (or both).  In this case, Andy was perfectly (purr-fectly!  haha, get it?) happy to be there, stayed put… his edits, however, were removing all the ones where his tongue was happily hanging out of his mouth!  (Ok, well most – I included a really cute one of him.)

Andy will be one of the stars in the upcoming LOVEmutts book.  If you have an adopted mutt (cat or dog!) please email the studio!

How cute is this face?!

Gray on Gray, in Gray.  My favorite.  He works great in Black and White!

See!  There’s that tongue again.  Pbthththt!

Absolutely love his big green eyes.  Just gorgeous

Purrrr… (content after tuna!)

Spinning!  (Again, for tuna)

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