Doesn’t she look just like a miniature black panther?  Of course, that’s why her owners named her “Jag”!  She’s the teeny-tiniest little (full-grown) kitty I’ve ever seen.  Super adorable, with gorgeous black fur and big yellow eyes.  She’s just the cutest little thing.  Unlike Andy, I have to admit that Jag wasn’t so excited about having her portrait done.  She wasn’t overly excited about a can of tuna… she seemed to appreciate the leftover dry food that Rental Cat refused to eat though!  I’m glad somebody liked it anyway.

I’m pretty sure she’s sharpening her claws… 😉

Teeny Tiny Jaguar!

How pretty are those eyes?  Love this one of her.

Ok, so I know I normally don’t do props… but she just loved (chewing on) her ribbon so much!

My absolute favorite.  This will be her LOVEmutts image!

Dave assisted me on Cat-Wrangling for the session.  I’m pretty sure Jag thinks she’s in charge though!

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