HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (And… uh… Happy Valentine’s Day too!)

I know, I know… I left you again, loyal blog-readers (and people who’ve subscribed but never actually read.)  I am very backed up on posts for this blog!  Do not fret – they will all be posted.  We’re still settling in from two non-stop weeks touring the United States.  I’ve been working ’round-the-clock on catching up, but I promise to get everything featured on here.

To start off my New Year’s Resolution (blog more) – here’s a post about this fantastic family of ten who came to the studio after Christmas.

Yes… ten.  In my tiny studio.  You might call it “A Christmas Miracle” that everyone could fit!  This is the first time in years the O. Family was all able to be together for the Holidays.  Part of the family lives here in Rome, working for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) for the United Nations.  But the rest of the family lives far-and-wide, from England to the United States, to Nigeria.  It was such an honor to be asked to photograph such a milestone, and for such a fun family too!  Thank you, guys, for letting me share in your Holiday fun!

The family of five siblings has grown by leaps and bounds.  These first three images are the siblings with spouses and family.

My favorite!  Everyone looks so happy.  I should photograph the canvas of this to blog about, but it just doesn’t do it justice.  (Totally buying another for a sample!)

Hysterical!  We had three little ones in the session.  I love how their world just revolves around getting that bottle!

Mom & Dad together

Sister and Brother (here in Rome)

The five siblings together.  Love!

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