Apparently, we get a lot of rental pets.  First a rental cat, and now – two cute doggies!  These guys are Darby and Gizmo, friends of Hailey’s from when we traveled to the US.  (Some day I might post those photos on the blog, too!)  They are the sweetest dogs ever and make Hailey look like a monster in comparison.  Gizmo’s the lapdog of the bunch.  I think he might be part-cat but it’s hard to prove.  He very much enjoys slumping over your shoulder to sleep, and has the cutest powder-puff tail that trembles when he’s happy.  (So darn cute!)  Darby’s the old, wise lady.  For being fourteen, she is in amazingly good spirits.  In fact, she acts more like a puppy than Hailey & Giz.  Her favorite game here is chasing around this giant blue exercise ball.

What’s most amazing though is both of these dogs are near completely deaf.  (I think they can hear clapping, or perhaps it’s just the vibration in the air they can sense.)  That said, they are more attentive and better behaved (easier controlled?) than Hailey- who’s kind of a brat right now.  She’s also super-jealous of them, so maybe it’s that.  Anyway, without being able to use any noise makers or my famed “moo-in-a-can” during their session they sat there and posed beautifully the whole time.  Better than most dogs who can hear, actually!

Darby, prancing around the studio.  Technically an out-take, but I love her perfectly-shaped heart patch of fur.  <3

Gizmo, annoyed that I’m making him sit for the camera.

Gizmo, watching over Darby, very curious
(right click and select view image. it looks better)

Both doggies, cuddling.  (Stupid JPG compression ruining my background…)

My favorite – two doggies!

Love this one too… How cute are they!?

Darby, {p}laying around.

Love this because this is totally how they were the whole time.  Gizmo, upright: “pet me, pet me”  Darby, half asleep: “eh, pet him.”

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