One day, I will remember to post on my blog when things are still relevant… But this is probably as close as you guys are gonna get.  My solo exhibition at the Sembler Gallery, via Veneto – Roma, will be closing in only 5 days!  (Hey, better late than never.)

Below is the writeup from the April 12th edition of the US Embassy’s VenetoViews newspaper regarding the exhibit.  You could say I have an “in” with the editor.  🙂

To read at full-size, right-click and select “open image in new tab”

And below are some quick snapshots of the hanging exhibit

The wall of monochrome pet portraiture

The wall of high-dynamic-range travel photography

HDR Triptych of Burano – which has seen better color… This image didn’t really do it justice.  Go see the exhibit!

The Roman Forum canvas borrowed from my living room.  Photographed this last December.

People checking out the exhibit.  Burano seems to be the big hit.

My bio & artist statement

Some pull-cards and business cards

Another view of the pet photography wall

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