You may remember Lizzy’s dogs, Brice & Brody, from earlier posts. However, they have a new (gorgeous) sister – Sheba!  While she looks a lot like Brody – both mastiffs – they have such different personalities!  Sheba’s so calm, relaxed… and reluctant to be in front of the camera!  Brody, on the other hand, knows what a handsome boy he is… and he’s definitely NOT camera-shy!  Brice… well, Brice is just Brice.  🙂  Aside from being the only dog Hailey just loves to play with, he’s got the cutest little “snort” whenever he’s happy.  It’s so cute to see three doggie siblings who just love each other so much!

Sheba, posing sweetly for the camera

Sheba, in Black-and-White

Look at how big those paws are!

Sheba again, showing off her great Mastiff wrinkles.

A family portrait of the whole family

A pair of mastiffs.  Sheba’s laying down.  Brody is sitting up.  (Lizzy calls this “the engagement portrait”!)

The three together.  Don’t they all look happy!

A more relaxed family portrait of everybody

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