In April, I ended up getting really backed up with work, and sort of neglected posting anything here for fear of not giving anyone enough time on the blog.  Unfortunately, that turned into not posting ANYTHING on the blog for… well, a long time, really.  So I wanted to right that wrong and post some older sessions that just haven’t been featured yet.

This session is of Jenn’s family.  Jenn is one of my fabulous brides from a few years ago, back in Virginia.  🙂  It was so great to see her and her fantastic family again.

One of the whole gang

This one involved giant bean-bag chairs!

Something a little more classic…

A very cute one of mom & dad together!

The happy couple (my favorite.  Jenn, you NEED this one!)

Mike finds a garden gnome…

My personal favorite of everyone together.

…but this is a close second. I’m not overly decisive obviously.

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