Ok, I’m really bad about posting.  Evidently.  Since the last post is like 8 months old.
I will try to be better, I promise!  In fact, right now, I’m writing SEVERAL blog posts… so it will look like they’re constantly posting on their own.  Plus, I found an app for my phone so I can shoot random items around town and post them.  (Let’s face it – all that’s letting you guys see is constant updates of the dog.)

Anyway, I wanted to introduce you guys to this fantastic couple – Irina & Maxim – who got married last week!   They celebrated a short honeymoon here in the Eternal City, and we spent a day together documenting their vacation.  Here are just a few from our day out:

Irina & Max in the Caffe

Sharing a cappuccino at the bar in Galleria Alberto Sordi

Irina & Max at Al Tempo

My favorite:  The couple at the Al Tempo Building behind the Parliament Building

Irina & Max Piazza Eustachio

Maxim steals a kiss in Piazza St. Eustachio

Irina & Max Chiostro del Bramante

A jewel of hidden Rome: The Chiostro del Bramante

Irina & Max in via dei Coronari

A quick cuddle in via dei Coronari

Irina & Max at Gelateria del Teatro width=

All great things end with Gelato – especially when it’s from Gelateria del Teatro!
(that’s the only bad part of photographing these… I have to watch longingly as my clients get to eat some of the best gelato in Rome… but it’s too hard to shoot and hold a cone!)

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