I found a very cool new website for art lovers!  Make sure you check out Artsia (www.artsia.com) for some great original pieces by up and coming artists.  There’s a pretty good range to acquire original pieces in pretty much any price point you’re looking at.  And – they’ve asked to carry some of my pet pieces for sale, too!  So if you’ve been a long-time client of ours, you might see your own fuzzy friend up on Artsia for other families to love as well.  I’ll let you know when those are up.  Meanwhile, check out some of my favorite pieces on Artsia (3 for now, but there will be more posts on this… too much cool stuff!):

Drinks Party by Simon Fairless

Durer’s Rhino by Myron Gilbert

Vae Victus by Gianluca Bernardini

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