Awaiting Aedan

Baby Aedan is on his way!  (By the looks of it – sooner than later, too.) Here are some of his gorgeous mamma awaiting his arrival.  Can’t wait to meet him!      

And Baby Makes 4!

You might remember this fabulous family of three from a few months ago.  Happy to announce, that Baby M. has finally arrived!  And, of course, he’s incredibly cute.  Like really, really cute. Also, dog-brother Nelson is just too sweet about having a new baby.  He just loves his new brother so much.  Adorable!  🙂 I […]

I finally figured it out.

How to list my blog with search engines, that is!  (And here you thought this would be some deep philosophical thread – sorry to disappoint.)  Anyway I listed my blog and about 2 days later, it was republished.  Well, I thought it was cool (and sufficiently ego-stroking.)  Wish she would have just asked me for […]

Four Gorgeous Girls!

Tonight Sarah bought her daughter, K., and 2 huskies.  With a family this attractive, how can one NOT take a good portrait?  Anyway, just in love with this group.  The whole family (including K’s grandma and auntie!) came to watch the session – so it was just us girls!  (Yes, I’m referring to Calypso and […]

Newborn session with Susan

So, the other day I got to help out a fellow photographer buddy.  Susan of Susan Braswell Photography ( was in a lurch for a newborn session and posted on Facebook that she needed a photographer in Alexandria right away.  We actually never met in person (or “fer realzies” as I call it) but we’ve […]

Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of Father’s Day, and since I forget to post stuff when I actually TAKE the photograph (in this case… May of 2008) I figured I’d post one here of MY parents.  Better late than never, hunh? And then of course there’s THIS little guy, Baby C. – born to a friend of Dave’s.  […]