Family Portraits at the Campidoglio

On Sunday, we lucked out with some absolutely gorgeous weather and great light over at the Capitoline Hill.  Where better to do a family portrait in Rome?  Anyway, we had a great time with this family of 6 (including the sweet little Shih tzu, Essence).  And the most fantastic kids I’ve ever had the pleasure […]

I finally figured it out.

How to list my blog with search engines, that is!  (And here you thought this would be some deep philosophical thread – sorry to disappoint.)  Anyway I listed my blog and about 2 days later, it was republished.  Well, I thought it was cool (and sufficiently ego-stroking.)  Wish she would have just asked me for […]

Photographing a Food Chain…

Note to self:  Do not let bird out of cage with dogs in same room again.  Results not good… Tonight’s session was quite the crowd!  Mom, Dad, 2 kids, 2 giant schnauzers, a poodle, and a very terrified parrot.  I love working with showdogs and “dog people” though.  As far as pet sessions go – […]

Kirsten & Abbie

These are just a few from tonight’s session with Kirsten & her blue-merle sheltie Abbie.  First, I have to say I was so relieved to see another sheltie as tiny as Hailey.  Our neighbors have possibly the world’s biggest shetland sheepdog, and I was starting to worry ours might be abnormally small.  Oh, and the […]