So Exciting! (Long Post)

Still trying to get over the shock… ūüôā¬† This year’s scores from 2010 International Print Competition have come out. I don’t know if you remember any of my posts on print-comp in the past, but here’s generally how it works:¬† You first buy a semi-expensive (approved) print-case, and then agonize for months over which 4 […]

Rare White Wolf… kinda

Better late than never!… Meet Klondike – an absolutely gorgeous mix who is white from head to toe.¬† He looks exactly like a wolf (he might be part-wolf for all I know!) except that he’s as sweet and gentle as a¬† baby.¬† Poor guy was absolutely terrified of my background paper – so he was […]

Mustachiod Lizard.

D’oh… Wait.¬† I mean “Bearded Dragon.” Meet Izod.¬† She’s a very sweet (if you can call a reptile “sweet”) bearded dragon, belonging to Jan and her two daughters, Grace & Emma.¬† Izod was actually very friendly, enjoyed being held, and seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera.¬† Likewise, she was fairly amenable to […]

And baby makes… 18!?

So on Sunday a client of mine went into labor and gave birth DURING her photo session…¬† Samantha is now the proud mother of eighteen¬†little babies. Yes.¬† That’s right. Eighteen. You might remember Sam from an earlier post (she’s hanging out in a basket).¬† Yesterday she and Max celebrated the birth of their seventeen little […]

Yada, the Thai Ridgeback

Yes that’s right.¬† Thai Ridgeback.¬† Not Rhodesian Ridgeback.¬† I promise it’s a real breed.¬† A really RARE breed at that, so I was lucky when Tequila was referred by a past client who met this beautiful dog at her local dog park.¬† Yada is an all-blue Thai Ridgeback with some of the most striking features […]

Oh, Rats! (The hairless variety!)

Big thanks to Andrea for sharing her 8 adorable rats with me today.¬† After she left, I called Dave at work to ask him if we could get one for ourselves.¬† They’re so cute!¬† Apparently, the hairless rats live about 2 years, and the furry ones live about 4-5.¬† They’re extremely clean animals, as they […]

“Ok, WHAT is a sugar glider???”

Basically they’re cute little marsupials that look like mice and jump like squirrels.¬† Got that?¬† They really are super cute little buggers that love people.¬† And I kind of always wanted to see one – and then Lacy emailed me saying she had a couple, as well as a gorgeous ragdoll kitty … and it […]

Brazilian Style…

Ok, so I needed to come up with a title for a post about Hairless Cats, and I figured I wouldn’t be so blunt as to begin with “shaved”.¬† These two beauties are Sphynxes, and nearly completely bald (save for the calico which sports a nifty cat toupee).¬† As owner, Kristi, put it: “they feel […]

Snakes don’t have a scent, and other things I learned today…

Today was a very educational day for me. I learned a few things. First, I learned that you don’t schedule an 8:00am shoot for the day after a wedding. Then I learned that snakes can hear without ears, and that dogs often don’t care about them since they don’t give off a scent. And finally, […]