The American Embassy Auction

Last month we donated a large print collection – valued at over $1000 – to the American Embassy’s charity auction.  (Very proud to say it went for a pretty high sum to a VERY nice family – looking forward to doing the session next month when school is out!)  We also photographed the auction itself […]

Mayhem with Models (Part I)

Mayhem with models is NOT, I repeat NOT the same as ModelMayhem… Anyway, another shoot that’s been a long time posting… Makeup Artist Courtney Anderson of Blueberries Wild wanted to collaborate with me on a high-fashion shoot with a few models.  We did 2 looks in studio – something a la Herbal Essences (very commercial, […]

Rachael’s Business Headshots

Today I had the opportunity to photograph Rachael, from RGI Events (  She’s an event coordinator and asked for something “professional yet approachable”.  Of course, it’s easy to get photographs with someone so photogenic!  These are just a few of probably the fastest session on earth.  Look at that smile! 🙂

Meet Ladaniel!

Ladaniel came in last night for the first part of his 3-part session.  (Stay tuned for some stuff this weekend!)  He and his girlfriend are both in the military, and she’s currently deployed in Iraq.  We did some simple studio work for “something nice for her”. Here are just a couple from last night. He’s […]

DJ’s Galore

Here are a few more DJ’s from Davis Deejays.  Sorry to Kevin, since I thought I posted his with the last batch, and somehow overlooked it!  Anyway… Enjoy!

Tony’s Portrait Session

Here are a few from one of the rare male models I have the opportunity to photograph.  This is Tony, whom I met on Model Mayhem (a model-finding website).  Man, oh, man… he can pose like no tomorrow!  I would take credit for these rocking so hard, but gotta admit… all Tony.  🙂

The DJs just keep on comin’!

Ok, here are a few more today. Today we had Patrick come in, followed by Bill Davis (the owner of Davis Deejays) and his wife Jeannie. Here are a couple that we did for the Davis Deejay website update. Patrick Bill Bill & Jeannie

More DJ’s

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  I’ve been really really really busy.  First taking (and passing!) my Certification exam, then speaking at a seminar in NH… But anyway, here’s a couple more dj’s from Davis Deejays.  Here goes… h

Colin, from Davis Deejays

Another DJ!  This is Colin.  If you’ve ever watched Discovery, TLC, or The History Channel – you’ve probably heard him.  He does a lot of their voice-over work.  How cool is that?!

Davis Deejays – Josette

This is today’s quick headshot for Josette, of Davis Deejays.  I love it when we do all of 12 exposures and every single one looks great!  This was her favorite from today.