Interview With The Photographer

Just over a year ago, Stephanie and her family relocated to beautiful and diverse Chile. This marks her 4th continental move; she has lived throughout her native United States, Japan, and Italy. (This international experience has led to quite a few travel opportunities!  A selection can be viewed on the website). Her residential studio is […]

Tips & Tricks: Dog Portraiture

Animals are our favorite models to have in the studio! Stephanie has a cat and a dog and they’re always the best subjects.  Her living room is filled with photos of Hailey, her beloved shetland sheepmonster and she’s in all their family portraits.

Before & After Featuring Gwen

  Have you ever experienced a professional Contemporary Glamour photo shoot? The luxurious experience of being pampered and primped by a makeup and hair stylist. Wearing your favorite outfit or gown with beautiful jewelry and pieces to compliment your look.

Our First Event At Nido De Aguilas

The new 2017 school year is back in full swing in Chile and this past weekend we were honored to participate in the Back To School Fair at The International School Nido de Aguilas. The event featured food trucks, an organic market, local services in Las Condes and Lo Barnechea and a raffle to benefit […]