Mayhem with Models (Part II)

Part 2 of our evening commenced at… 11:30pm?  That’s not too late, right?  Right. Ingrid, Courtney, the models and I ventured over to Old-Town for some fun night shooting around the pier.  And wow… it was quiet out!  We might have seen 3 cars all night, and only the night watchman to keep us company.  […]

Mayhem with Models (Part I)

Mayhem with models is NOT, I repeat NOT the same as ModelMayhem… Anyway, another shoot that’s been a long time posting… Makeup Artist Courtney Anderson of Blueberries Wild wanted to collaborate with me on a high-fashion shoot with a few models.  We did 2 looks in studio – something a la Herbal Essences (very commercial, […]

Jasmine’s Valentine’s Day Session

I love a classy 1920’s glamour session!  Especially when the victim (er… subject) comes in with hair already in pin curls and ruby lipstick!  These are just a few for Jasmine’s boyfriend who is stationed overseas working for the military.  I *think* he’s going to like his present.  😉 My favorite – ’cause it’s a […]

Amal’s Glamour Session

These are just a few images from Amal’s glamour session on Tuesday.  She has a great Hollywood look, don’t you think?  Anyway, I would have had them up the same day, except… well… I actually took Thanksgiving off!  Yeah, it was a surprise to me too.  Hope everyone had a great holiday, and Amal – […]

More of Val

Ok, so I’m finally getting around to posting the rest of this session…  Here’s more of Valacia, and the fine-art black and white figure study session.

Snakes don’t have a scent, and other things I learned today…

Today was a very educational day for me. I learned a few things. First, I learned that you don’t schedule an 8:00am shoot for the day after a wedding. Then I learned that snakes can hear without ears, and that dogs often don’t care about them since they don’t give off a scent. And finally, […]

Valacia’s Fine Art Session

I ditched the 50″ softbox for some fun with striplights!  Here are just a few images from tonight.  The session ended fairly late and I really didn’t have too much time to retouch more than just these 3.  Hopefully I will be able to finish a few more and then share them here in the […]

More Bridals – Antoinette

Ok, I just realized I never posted my third model from the bridal shoot in Georgetown. The following images are all of Antoinette, a great model who really helped us out on short notice. She is touring the area as she is normally in California, and we were lucky to have her for such a […]

Bridal Session with Models – Susie

More from my model session with Barbi…  This is Susie, who is a past client of mine.  She took my advice and went into modeling (I love when people listen to me!)  Check these out.  🙂

Bridal Session with Models – Katya

About 3 weeks ago, Barbi Barnum of Studio B Photography in Fredericksburg and I decided we wanted to have a little photography playdate. Something to do for fun, you know? So we called some of our favorite models to do some cool bridal work. Starting with traditional studio style going to very retro Georgetown style… […]