Maybe this time I’m here to stay?

Well I’ve done it again.  I have once again neglected my loyal blog followers.  In fact, I see some of you have found the “unfollow” button in the facebook app! (coughmeaniescough).  But perhaps that should tell me something… something like… “why have a blog if you never post anything?!”  Ok, ok I get your point. […]

I’ve been published (and stuff!)

Sorry I’ve left all my loyal readers kinda hanging for awhile.  I have SO much stuff to post and seriously no time!  As most of you know, Dave and I are in Italian training for many hours every day.  It’s been far more time consuming than originally thought – particularly when we’re traveling from Rosslyn […]

“Stand by Me” from Vimeo

I really really love  It’s a video share site, just like the rest of em’, but caters to independent artists, musicians, authors, etc.  Anyway, I found this link from Vimeo and was going to share it on Facebook, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that… So I figured I’d post it here […]

Back from State with a Bevy of Blues

Ok, better late than never, right?  i mean… the convention was only in February!  At least I’m eventually posting my results from state.  Actually, they’ve been on Facebook for quite some time, and I totally forgot that I never posted them to my blog. I’m pleased to announce that my case did pretty nicely this […]

I have a Facebook Ad!?

So while playing Packrat (my latest addiction) on Facebook…  Guess what popped up!?  Apparently, I have an ad on Facebook that I didn’t even know about.  How cool is that?  Ok, well it was at least entertaining to me.  Here’s what it looks like: But wait… It gets cooler!  Apparently… 6 of my friends are […]