Sisters Session: Beijing & Brazil

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Interview With The Photographer

Just over a year ago, Stephanie and her family relocated to beautiful and diverse Chile. This marks her 4th continental move; she has lived throughout her native United States, Japan, and Italy. (This international experience has led to quite a few travel opportunities!  A selection can be viewed on the website). Her residential studio is […]

Before & After Featuring Gwen

  Have you ever experienced a professional Contemporary Glamour photo shoot? The luxurious experience of being pampered and primped by a makeup and hair stylist. Wearing your favorite outfit or gown with beautiful jewelry and pieces to compliment your look.

Chasing the Print Competition Dragon

“As Far as the Eye Can See” – 85, sealed The day after International Photographic Competition (IPC) is always my favorite Social Media day of the year.  I love sharing in my friends’ excitement as they (we) share this year’s achievements, accolades, new degrees, sob stories, sorrow-79’s, and Loans during/after the biggest competition of the year. […]

Our First Event At Nido De Aguilas

The new 2017 school year is back in full swing in Chile and this past weekend we were honored to participate in the Back To School Fair at The International School Nido de Aguilas. The event featured food trucks, an organic market, local services in Las Condes and Lo Barnechea and a raffle to benefit […]

Studio Magazine

Have you seen our very first studio magazine yet? Fully digital and easy to navigate – it must be 2017! The magazine, “Contemporary Portraiture”, was created by Stephanie Millner herself. Not only is she a talented photographer but also a graphic designer with an eye for detail and a drive for excellence – and it […]

Welcome to our new Studio Manager, Natalie!

Please give a warm welcome to Natalie, our new studio manager! I met Natalie a few weeks ago during her fantastic glamour shoot (clearly, she’s used to modeling!) and knew she’d be a great addition to the studio when she allowed me to tape huge pieces of tissue paper directly to her to make a […]

The Sad Reason So Many Moms Take Selfies

I wanted to share this beautiful article from the Sydney Morning Herald. So often, I hear from my clients that it’s been long – too long – since their last family portrait.  Some say 5 years, 10, 20… and some, never.  So many pictures of the kids, the pets, of dad – but rarely do […]

Jenn’s Family Portraits

In April, I ended up getting really backed up with work, and sort of neglected posting anything here for fear of not giving anyone enough time on the blog.  Unfortunately, that turned into not posting ANYTHING on the blog for… well, a long time, really.  So I wanted to right that wrong and post some […]

Photographers Gone Wild

Just getting around to posting this from about… er… 3 weeks ago? Hey, considering my track record, that’s not that bad! Seeing as I have 3 shoots I keep *meaning* to post from six months ago… Anyway, these are two photographers from Rome – well, one’s in Rome, and the other is from Rome, but […]