Quick – Before it’s too late!

One day, I will remember to post on my blog when things are still relevant… But this is probably as close as you guys are gonna get.  My solo exhibition at the Sembler Gallery, via Veneto – Roma, will be closing in only 5 days!  (Hey, better late than never.) Below is the writeup from […]

Family Portraits at Villa Borghese

Look at this… regularly scheduled blog posts! Here are a few recent ones… The I Family found me through the US Embassy Auction last April, and we finally found some time to meet this past weekend. On Sunday, we did a great family portrait – first in the studio, then out in beautiful Villa Borghese.  […]

Rental Cat.

I have a cat.  Well, kinda. He’s my rental-cat, here until the airline can find a place for him to go back to his mommy and daddy.  This is Trigger – cat of fellow photographer friend, Erin.  Erin had to relocate to the United States, but thanks to the military being wonderful at planning, she […]

Family Portraits at the Campidoglio

On Sunday, we lucked out with some absolutely gorgeous weather and great light over at the Capitoline Hill.  Where better to do a family portrait in Rome?  Anyway, we had a great time with this family of 6 (including the sweet little Shih tzu, Essence).  And the most fantastic kids I’ve ever had the pleasure […]

Wow, that’s a lot of cameras.

Monday night I photographed the Merck Summit for Individualization of Fertility Treatments in the absolutely beautiful Villa Tuscolana in Frascati.  About 250 doctors attended from the Far East – countries including Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Singapore we in attendance.  Overall – a very interesting experience.  My new studio manager, Sofia (there will be a post about […]

A Weekend in Rome

Saturday, I had the opportunity to photograph two friends visiting family in Rome.  Riccardo is a commercial photographer in Ukiah, California.  He and his fantastic wife, Dominique (who’s currently in nursing school) are here for the month visiting Ric’s family in the area.  For those of you who get my bi-lingual rack cards, this is […]

Lazio in Sepia Tone

Last weekend, Dave, my father-in-law Fred, and I went on a little adventure outside Rome, to beautiful Lago di Balseno in Northern Lazio.  Absolutely beautiful hidden gem – tourist free, fantastic food, and beautiful vistas everywere.  We visited a few cities, including Tuscania, Marta (where we ate in a restaurant full of cats – it […]

The American Embassy Auction

Last month we donated a large print collection – valued at over $1000 – to the American Embassy’s charity auction.  (Very proud to say it went for a pretty high sum to a VERY nice family – looking forward to doing the session next month when school is out!)  We also photographed the auction itself […]

Maybe this time I’m here to stay?

Well I’ve done it again.  I have once again neglected my loyal blog followers.  In fact, I see some of you have found the “unfollow” button in the facebook app! (coughmeaniescough).  But perhaps that should tell me something… something like… “why have a blog if you never post anything?!”  Ok, ok I get your point. […]