Finally getting around to sharing these images! I absolutely love this shoot (and these people, omg.) We had a blast, and I loved photographing this split session – half in-studio and half in beautiful Bellavista (Recoleta) Santiago. Hair and makeup was done by La Pelu salon underneath where the studio was located.

Mom & her gorgeous girls in the studio (on my signature grey of course.)

Hanna & Livi – window light

Abuela and her granddaughter.  I adore this expression! 

Samba!  Best. Dog. Ever.

The whole family in the studio.  Even Samba got in on the action.

I adore this one of the girls and this bright yellow door.  Big fan of playing with color. 

My favorite location during the shoot.  Those turquoise walls with the jeans and Lindsey’s shirt are perfection.  Deep brown wood against the hair?  Love it. 

Bellavista is known for its street art so we HAD to do a family portrait against this.  Unbeknownst to me, this was apparently the back side of a public bathroom (I was across the street shooting) so they were especially good sports to tolerate this shot.  I had no idea!

More fabulous street art.  The girls were such troopers to climb up on everything I told them to.  And also, grateful their parents didn’t kill me. 
“Here, girls, go move that trash and climb up on this rickety wall!” 

The awesome contrast of the funky, saturated street art against how elegant she looks, I just love.  Beautiful color, gorgeous woman, perfection.

I rarely get to show a full shoot – I make a conscious effort to only show what a client takes home. But for this double-session we ended up putting together a gorgeous metal wall collage and an album of every image from that day.  So, without further ado, please check out how a whole session looks from start-to-finish! 

This was printed on my new Riveli Amber Album series (what you’re seeing here is for the website only) but Oh. My. God. these albums are gorgeous.  Beautiful black leather with thick enamel-lined pages.  Just stunning.  (They’re priced similarly to the large folio box for those wondering.) 

About the Studio in Vitacura Closing…

Sadly, La Pelu Salon closed their doors and the new owners did not want to sublet their space to a photographer. It’s a bummer, but I understand it’s just business that they had to sell their operation. I can refer Claudia’s contact information to any of her hair clients as well!

For now, I’m working from home (same as for the last 14 years) and – even though it’s cramped – the area is functional. I bought a new clothing rack which can be rolled into the hallway, and that has been a life-saver!  Plus, the world’s best Hair & Makeup artist works with me (Catherine Cortinez) so of course that service is still available – and included – for all portrait sessions.

Fear not.

The studio is open. Only the location changed.

There’s also great green spaces nearby to work, and – I just realized this today – a built-in baby pool outside.  Pool shoots anyone?  Seriously.  I need at least 2 models so, let me know. (One of you will be in an adult-sized mermaid tail, though, so… yeah, you’ve been warned.)

…That said, if anybody has any leads on (affordable) potential studio spaces in and around Vitacura, especially Alonso de Cordoba, please give me a heads up! Looking to sublet only, and I need at least 30’x12′ for an adequately sized camera/sales room. I’d prefer a place with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows (or 1 window), clean, second floor, a/c & heat.  And a unicorn to ride every day.