As true to form, I’m a little late posting this… but it’s only, like, a month late – and comparatively speaking, that’s WAY better than usual!

I attended Imaging USA, together with 17,000 fellow photographers, for a week of classes, workshops, lectures, (drinks) and networking in Nashville, Tennessee.  This year, I had a couple extra reasons to attend though!  First, I earned a Platinum Photographer of the Year Medal for this year’s print competition entries (see earlier blog post below) – which means all 4 prints in my Photographic Open case were accepted into the General Collection, and 3 of the 4 were accepted into the Loan Collection.  (The final #4 was accepted into the Showcase Book, FWIW.)


Then, with those 3 Loans (and actually, a 4th in my Artist Case) I placed enough prints into the Loan Collection to earn my Imaging Excellence Award.  Here’s my exhibition below – complete with cell-phone snap shot.  (In a grand twist of irony, nobody brings a camera to a photography event.)

Here are a few of the Awards Ceremony night from receiving the new bling…

And here’s the new danglies…

An impressively good photo of myself because everyone knows that hotel bathrooms have the best light for selfies (they really do!)

A few more of the print exhibit and some of my partners in crime.

See you all next year!